Male EyeBrow Shaping

Back or Chest Waxing
(Patch test required -24hrs - no charge)

De-Stress Facial
A cleaning treatment ideal for softing the beard pre-shave and improves skin texture therfore improving shaving experience. leaves skin feeling cool, fresh and toned.

Body Mud Wrap
Stimulates, refines, tightens skin leaving a glowing, healthy skin complexion to the body.

Scalp Treatment
Perfect for those men who have dry, itchy or flaky scalps or thinning hair.

Gentlemans Hand Treatment
For hands and feet that show your softer side. Soak followed by cuticle work and massage ending with a natural shine.

Gentlemans Foot Treatment
Even the toughest guy needs a little pampering. Foot soak followed by leg and foot scrub,cuticle work. Then a warm oil massage to your legs leaving your feet de-stressed.

De-Stress Back Treatment
This treatment allows both deep cleanse as well as sooth muscular backaches. it includs Vitaman's unique back massage technique using our speciaaly formulated massage wax.

Sports Massage
Gives effective relief from aching muscles and sore joints, warms muscles which is ideal for pre and post physical exercise.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage entails using Volcanic stones. The high densities of the stones facilitate slow heat dispersion. Hot stone massage enables the therapist to give a far deeper treatment, this is more beneficial for a stressed client.

Men's Ultimate Energiser Spa Ritual
Relax the mind and body with an enlivening salt therapy treatment that will stimulate circulation whilst relieving aches and pains. Ideal if you regularly work out or are tired and stressed. For even deeper relaxation, you will enjoy a 90 minute hot stone massage, this works very deeply on the tissues and energy levels of the body. Summary: enlivening salt therapy, invigorating shower, ancient hot stone massage.

V.I.P. Executive (men) Half Day Spa Ritual
A deep cleansing and energising ritual to freshen body and mind. Intensive bodies massage ease muscle aches in specific areas before a back exfoliation and mud mask draws out impurities and rebalances the skin. A face and neck treatment using freshening plant extracts and essential oils leaves the skin clean clear and invigorated. A remineralising mud mask stimulating scalp massage that increases circulation to hair follicles and foot massage using reflex pressures leaves the body and mind balanced. Summary: intensive body massage, deep cleansing back exfoliation treatment, rebalancing mud mask, refreshing face and neck treatment, re-mineralising mud mask, scalp massage, pressure point foot massage.

Male Exclusive Product Range
Yon-Ka men, Vitaman, mana'ia, and decleor skin care for men.