Tropical Paradise Sugar Glow
Relax and enjoy as milk from the Coconut combined with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of pure cane sugar and tropical nut oils ridding the body of dead skin, revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening the skin's elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.

Coconut Creme Body Glow
Pineapple extracts gently buff away dull skin cells and unclog pores rejuvenating your skin followed by an application of Hydrating Body Lotion which rapidly hydrates your skin with fresh coconut milk and a nourishing blend of exotic nut extracts which will stay with you all day.

Yon-Ka Gommage Marin
Sea Salt Scrub with exfoliating grains to remove dry, dead skin cells. Invigorating shower, leaving you full of renewed energy.

Yon-Ka Soin Velours
Moisturizing body Polish. Invigorating or relaxing scrubs followed by shower and a gently massage with vitamin enriched oils.


Peppermint Sea Twist (with Body Exfoliation)
Slims, stimulates, rejuvenates and purifies the skin. Improves circulation making it an ideal treatment for cellulite reduction, sore aching muscles and water retention.

Thalassotherapy Seaweed Body (with Body Exfoliation)
A thalassotherapy treatment using warmed fresh seaweed wraps the body with thermal blanket to invigorate and soothe while slimming, detoxifying, stimulates circulation and relieving stress.

Grand Paradise Experience
A gentle exfoliation using coconut crθme scrub followed by a relaxing massage with Exotic Bath & Body Massage Oil. Coconut Body Butter is then applie and you wrapped in a warm wrap to promote hydration and nourishment. Concluding with a traditional Fijian Scalp treatment using warmed coconut oil.

Decleor Aroma Envelopment
A facial for the body, starts with exfoliation and shower. followed by massage using relaxing, draining, stimulating techniques depending on you needs. The application of a body cream or body sea mask with aid of a heated blanket, massage while body mask is on.

Choice from four programmes
Relax - for relaxation
Flow - For circulation boosting
Detox - for slimming helps cellulite
Tonic - for firming

Yon-Ka Spa Cocoon
• Aromatic foot compress • Stimulating or relaxing scrubs • Algae or marine clay muds • Wrapped in heated blanket or linen sheets • Massage head to toe

Choice from three programmes
Phyto-marine - For Slimming
Hydralessence Corps - Deep hydrating
Body detox - Deep detoxifying

Island Wrap
Your skin is gently dry brushed and then warmed oil containing vitamins and anti-oxidants is applied. Your body is then wrapped while a warm oil scalp massage and mini cold stone facial relieves all your tension.

Dilo Rescue Wrap
Tropical dilo nut oil that works miracles on sunburns and other skin irritation. This cool wrap will soothe your skin while a cold stone facial and hot oil scalp massage with clear your mind.


Your journey will begin with a thalassotherapy seaweed body treatment to include an all over sea salt body polish. Our spa bath is programmed to your desire offering infra red heat treatment steam fragrance with aroma pure essential oils on a vibrating massage table. We continue this indulging treatment with a therapeutic head massage, allowing our Vichy shower to gently rinse over your body preparing you to step into our hydrotherapy seaweed, Jacuzzi bath, the powers of hydrotherapy massage carried out by our therapist tailored to suit your needs. Your journey will end with a refreshing shower followed by a soothing warm essential balm applied, leaving you feeling revitalised and rested as you never did before.

  • Cleanses, moisturizes and purifies the skin through induced perspiration.
  • Uses the natural powers of water , heat and massage.
  • Relief of pain and discomfort in joints, muscles and soft tissue.
  • Stimulates and conditions cardiovascular system.
  • Improves circulation and stimulates neuro impulses to bring psychological relief.
Hydrating Island Bath
(bath soak in coconut creme bath soak, lotion application)
Pure coconut milk from Fiji will hydrate, soothe and relax your body and mind as you drift on an ocean of bliss.

Lu'Lur Mandi Su Su Bath Soak
Lie back and luxuriate in fragrant rose and jasmine scented water whilst the milky texture coats and softens your skin. The jacuzzi jets allow bodies to relax and muscles to soften.

The Platinum detox machine helps the body to re-balance the bio-energetic fields and helps the body to self detox. When the electric-magnetic fields are re-balanced then the body organs will naturally function better physically watch the toxins flow from the body through the feet while you experience a therapeutic head massage for relaxation. Recommended as a course of six. (book and pay for 6 get 1 free)


• Full Swedish body Massage • Essential Deep Tissue Back Massage • Lu'lur Balinese Massage
(This deep massage gently softens and smoothes muscular tensions using slow rhythmically traditional balinese massage techniques.)

Fijian Hot Oil Scalp Massage
A traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle warmed exotic nut oils, that are then massgaed into the scalp, neck and shoulders using a relaxing pressure point technique.

Hot Stone Massage
Warm Stone are placed on the boby and combined with Exotic Massage oil. The high densities of the stones facilitate slow heat dispersion. Hot stone massage enables the therapist to give a far deeper treatment, this is more beneficial for a stressed client.

Fijian Bobo Massage (from jan ‘08)
A blend of rich tropical nut oils combins with precise long techniques to stimulate circulation and relase tension.

Maternity Massage
A Relaxing body massage using specific techniques to alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention, caused by extra strainon the body during pregnancy.

Decleor Aromassage
Relax with Frankincense resin. Gentle rocking movements along your body meridians offers deep relaxation.
Flow with cypress bark. An energising massage specially designed to activate energy flows and stimulate microcirculation. Aids in heavy legs, swollen hands, water retention problems.
Detox with pepper spices. This draining massage technique helps to eliminate toxins and reduces water retention and cellulite.
Tonic with lemon grass. An energising massage, allows your skin to regain tone and firmness.

Yon-Ka Aroma Luxe massage
An hour long massage from head to toe, energising or relaxing according to your needs.